Islamist (?) Minister of Urban Housing

MehmetKaplanOn October 14th 2014 Swedens third largest newspaper had the headline: Pekgul: Kaplan has “hidden agenda”. The individual who accused him was not only a well-respected former politician but also a Muslim. He dismissed her claims as discrimination.

This subsequently created a storm in the media and the creation of the facebook group; “We who want Mehmet Kaplan to resign. Within 37 days the group had 14,588 likes, which isn’t bad for a tiny Scandinavian country.

What reasons did Nalin Pekgul have for labelling him an Islamist?

Last summer he compared ISIS jihadists with Swedes who fought to defend Finland from Soviet Invasion in 1939. When he was questioned he backed down saying that

“It was a bad comparison”

In 2009 Islamists prevented Muslim youths from having parties with music. When this was revealed in the media Mehmet defended the Islamists and said that the reason they couldn’t listen to music was because they didn’t have a permit. The next day it turned out that they had one. Nobody confronted Mehmet and asked why he lied in the Swedish media.

2000-2002 he was chairman of “Swedens Young Muslims” an organisation that has invited indviduals such as Riyadh ul Haq to the Stockholm mosque. Riyadh ul Haq supports armed jihad, despises Jews, Christians and Hindus. Swedens Young Muslims has also invited other individuals such as Abdullah Hakim Quick and Khalid Yasin. These men not only inspire young impressionable Muslims but they also radicalise them.

Mehmet believes that mosques in Europe need to receive money from the state to prevent recruitment to ISIS despite the fact that these very same mosques are the reason young Muslims are becoming radicalised.

Less than a month after Pekguls revelations, he was once again in the limelight

One of Swedens biggest newspapers revealed that 1,3 million kronor had gone missing from a Swedish mosque. This consequently led to outrage amongst its members. 1 000 000 kronor had been transferred to a foundation and 300 000 kronor to an unknown account. Mehmet himself was the chairman at the meetings and signed off on the decision in question. Nobody knows where this money has gone. He has not resigned or been pressured by our Prime Minister to resign.

Out of fear of being labelled Islamophobic, nobody dares question Mehmet Kaplan or Islamic groups in Sweden.

To this day, 100350 Swedes have joined ISIS.

Who is Mehmet Kaplan and what is an Islamist?

  • Mehmet Kaplan is a minister of the the Swedish government and is responsible for, I.T., housing and urban development.
  • An Islamist is defined as believing that Islam should guide social and political life.


Worth noting!

  • I do not approve of any form of Islam-bashing in my commentary field.
  • Judging people based on their faith or appearance is wrong.
  • People ought to be judged based on their actions, nothing more, nothing less.
  • If people abide by Islamic laws in Islamic countries, fine by me.

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