Will Swedes become a minority in their own country?

On the 23rd of September I became intrigued when reading an article in Swedens 3rd biggest newspapers. In the article a Norwegian working with statistics was shocked that the Swedish statistics institute (SCB), were doing a poor job. I decided to do some digging and bear with me because things are going to get real interesting, real fast. It boils down to the fact that the SCB are not using the same methods as the UK, the USA, Australia, and Canada among many others.

What the forementioned countries do is measure their populations using ethnicity and/or race as variables. This sounds both discriminating, politically incorrect, and racist in Sweden but there is a good reason for using those variables which I will get to. I don’t think that Australians or Americans would consider themselves “racists” for measuring that way. An African-American is not “less worthy” than a Caucasian just because they are overrepresented in certain types of crime and vice-versa.

I do however believe that the countries mentioned would never use Swedish methods because the data becomes vague and isn’t useful when combating crime, improving education, decreasing unemployment etc.

Is the Central Bureau for Statistics (SCB) intellectually dishonest?

Swedens Demographics Composition in 2008: total population: 9 256 300

  • 14% of the population was born abroad:
  • 4% of the population had two parents born abroad:
  • 7% of the population: had one parent born abroad:

25% = 2 314 075 people

4 years later in 2013 15.7% of Swedes are categorised as having “foreign background”. This is despite the fact that Sweden, for the last couple of years, has had the highest number of asylum seekers per capita in the EU.


Foreign background according to the SCB is:

  • A) Being born abroad
  • B) Two Foreign-born parents

This gives rise to the following situations:

  • Swedish father + Congolese mother + born in Swe = Swedish
  • Swedish father + Swedish mother + born in USA = Foreign background
  • Iraqi father; 2nd gen. + Iraqi mother; 2nd gen. + born in Swe = Swedish

Or to take a more vivid and very extreme example

Abdul and Amina are refugees, get Swedish citizenship in 1972 and have a baby named Ayman in 1973. He has foreign background..

Achmed and Fatima are also refugees, get Swedish citizenship in 1970 and have a baby named Flora in 1972. She has foreign background.

Flora and Ayman grow up in one of Swedens 55 “no-go zones” and have a baby named Abdon in 1992. He is now Swedish. Abdon becomes deeply devoted to radical Islam and decides to join ISIS this year. (up to 300 other Swedes already have)

Lies, damn lies and statistics

By lumping people together it becomes easier to claim that the differences between “immigrants” and Swedes are less extreme when comparing birth rates, income, crime etc. They are essentially jumbling the data and defining the different groups as broadly as possible to present immigrants in a more favourable light.

For example:

  • Abdon, the radical Islamist, is Swedish in the statistics.
  • An “ethnic”* Swede going to Harvard can be non-Swedish in the statistics.

The SCB used ethnicity based methods until 1996. I strongly believe it was discontinued due to the fact that the truth was uncomfortable for politicians who control SCB. Immigrants and their children were clearly overrepresented in violent crime. That makes it hard to argue for immigration and easy to lose elections. My case becomes stronger when you take into account that the nationalist Sweden Democrats are the only party that want to reduce immigration. Simultaneously, Swedish journalists, to an overwhelming degree, vote for an extremist party that wants to open our borders completely. Which calls into question journalistic integrity and how democratic Sweden really is.

Worth noting is that Sweden was, just a couple of decades ago, one of the most homogenous countries on earth. Now 15,9% of the population is of foreign origin according to the SCB. Which makes me wonder how many Swedes are of “foreign origin” if you were to use ethnicity-based statistics or more narrow variables.

Furthermore, Sweden is expecting 95 000 individuals from the Middle East and North Africa in 2015. These asylum-seekers are (obviously) drawn here because we are the most generous welfare-state in the world. I am not in any way blaming them. It’s simply obvious that if you offer an Iraqi mother with 3 kids 3000 dollars a month you will receive more asylum seekers and immigrants than other countries. Meanwhile Sweden has a severe housing shortage which leads to a situation whereas the natives are perceived as living in luxury which increases tension from the start. Not to mention the fact that we have amongst the highest household debts, arguably a housing bubble, in combination with the current deflation.

Why are SCB’s statistics problematic?

1. Swedes were never asked in a referendum to increase immigration to the current levels. They are, arguably, given fudged data and have biased journalists so It may not have mattered even if they were given the option to choose.

2. The Swedish government has no idea how much it costs due to SCB’s statistics. Despite the fact that we take in more desperate asylum-seekers and welfare-seeking immigrants than any other country on earth. Which means that future Swedish taxpayers will pay for this madness.

3. Why should the hypothetical Abdon be happy that his grandparents were given asylum in Sweden? He has felt maltreated and poor compared to ethnic Swedes since he was born. This increases hatred between the ethnic groups.

4. We are now receiving ISIS fighters pretending to be refugees whilst 300 Swedish Muslims are estimated to have joined ISIS.

5. Meanwhile the government agency who handle immigration are notoriously incompetent and corrupt.

6. Many 3rd generation immigrants (=Swedes) will be born and bred in one of Swedens 55 “no-go zones”. These zones are crime-ridden and the police admit they have lost control there, or as they so eloquently put it:

In most areas, however, police consider themselves to be able to walk freely and patrol without fear of being attacked

7. What if “ethnic-Swedes”* are becoming a minority? With the current SCB methods, we will never know, will we?

*Ethnic-Swede is a hard word to define. For the sake of argument lets say great-grandparents, grandparents and parents born in Sweden. Which mind you doesn’t include me so don’t go pulling the race-card. It would be much more crude and extreme, in my opinion, to claim that they don’t exist. Regardless of wether you think they do or not I strongly believe that everyone has a right to know the exact demographics of Sweden with regards to ethnicity.

If SCB considers labelling problematic they could just ask people what ethnicity they consider themselves to be in a census hence avoiding potential public outrage.

So… will Swedes become a minority in their own country?

The question of as to wether or not Swedes will become a minority in their own country has several answers and it simply depends on your definition of a Swede. People of different ethnicities who identify as Swedes will always be around but the culture will change and they won’t look stereotypically Swedish. Due to globalisation and the extreme levels of immigration this will happen faster than what is normal in the rest of Europe.

For ethnic Swedes it is only a matter of time due to birth rates which are below population replacement levels. With the current levels of immigration and the higher birth rates among other ethnicities it will happen faster. There is no way to be sure but seeing as Sweden is a small country with less than 10 million citizens my guess would be in around 25 years i.e. 2040.


27 thoughts on “Will Swedes become a minority in their own country?”

  1. I find this very upsetting even though I am not Swedish. I mean you had a beautiful and safe country….. I recently became aware that stats indicate that with Europe’s aging population and their low birth rates, ethnic Europeans will become minorities within their own countries within several decades (if current population trends continue). Immigrants are brought in to supposedly support the economy and the welfare state……but it ends up being genocide by population replacement…and in this instance there seems to be a strong possibility that the replacing population will be Islamic – which for obvious reasons to any Westerner will be a complete nightmare! How can Europeans just give away their birth right like this? Surely the economy is not as important as the future of the nations’ people? Makes one wonder about the intentions of the EU’s leaders…..

    Do you think that the ordinary people on the streets in Europe are conscious of these developments? Or do you think they are so brainwashed with cultural Marxism and political correctness that it will be too late when they finally wake up?

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  2. Plenty of Syrians and Ethiopians are Christians but the development as a whole is worrying.

    There is not straight answer as to why the Swedish population accepts it but if I was to theorize I would give the following reasons.

    -Scandinavians live in the north and for 1000’s of years the only way to survive was by being generous and helping each other out. This philosophy still lingers on today.

    -Swedes were close to the Nazis during WW2 and had a race biological institute until 1975 around 63,000 “unwanted elements” were sterilized. This murky past is shameful and leads to an extreme openness to all.

    -Swedish politicians view Sweden as a humanitarian superpower and are happy to promote this image and become the Apostles of “Good” abroad. By leading the charts in asylum seekers and refugees they can give off this image.

    -Approximately 85% of all journalists in Sweden vote for the extreme-left leading to biased reporting and a situation were anyone who votes for the Sweden Democrats who are opposed to the development is labelled a nazi, racist, etc. Families have been split apart and jobs have been lost if you admit that you vote for them.

    -Sweden hasn’t experienced a war since 1814 so people are under the illusion that war is a thing of the past and civil strife cannot occur.

    -Swedes are known as quiet and keeping their cool at all times. Even now must Swedes show resentment and hatred anonymously online but never in public.

    -The extreme-right has “hijacked” the national flag, national day etc. and nobody want’s to identify with them.

    As you can see it’s quiet complex and several factors are at play but mainly censorship, political correctness and “brainwashing” have led to people not realizing what the current policies are leading to.

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    1. You missed the most important thing! Sweden needs immigrants to survive, it’s not a choice nor a luxury decision. The reason behind that is Sweden is already a small country and simply many of Swedish girl don’t want to have children (because of many reasons) so in this manner the population goes down until the point that nobody will be in Sweden after a long period of time. But since immigrants has higher fertility rate they are balancing the negative population growth in Sweden. Immigrants are a treasure to Sweden. They are work force that the country never paid for their expenses until they become an adult. Every adult Swede costs at least a couple of hundred thousands dollars, from the birth until they become a workforce (not to mention that many of them after graduation from high school or university decide to move to states, UK,…) but you get them from another countries for free! More over many of them filled the jobs that most of Swedish young people don’t do (such as physically demanding jobs, specially in factories) which plays an important role in rolling the economy. Also based on a survey, the companies who has a higher rate of workers with immigrant background were more successful in doing business with other countries. There are even other factors too but I leave them as these are already more than enough to let you know about the importance of immigration for Sweden. So basically the immigrants contribute to a better Sweden and you should be thankful to them. So please come out of your bubble and see the real world as it is!


      1. No, Sweden does not need to bring in hundreds of thousands of Africans and Middle Easterners every year to survive. Nor does Sweden need to become multicultural.

        “[…] Mass immigration is posing serious problems for the region. For the Nordic countries to be able to afford their welfare states they need to have 80% of their adults in the workforce, but labour-force participation among non-European immigrants is much lower than that. In Sweden only 51% of non-Europeans have a job, compared with over 84% of native Swedes. The Nordic countries need to persuade their citizens that they are getting a good return on their taxes, but mass immigration is creating a class of people who are permanently dependent on the state.

        – the Economist, Feb 2nd 2013

        Whilst individual immigrants do great things, immigrants as a group are a liability. Not only are they to a greater extent dependent on welfare they are also grossly overrepresented in violent crimes like rape.

        Even if Swedish women didn’t have to be sacrificed in the process of making Swedish multicultural and even if only highly productive and well-educated Japanese people with high birth rates were brought in to the country the end result would be the same.

        Native Swedes becoming a minority in their own country.


      2. I Do not agree, the only reason why so many immigrants it is because of government paychecks, and why not to invite people who are the same culture and can integrate much better? It is more problematic for immigrants itself, I call it extreme immigration, since it is painful for both sides. By the way if Sweden will cut money source for imigrants, they will wanish the same day or burn the parliament


    2. If I was Swedish I would join the “extreme” Right tomorrow.
      Your country is being invaded. You are being attacked. If wanting to defend your country, your heritage, your ancestors and your family is “extreme”, then SIGN ME UP.

      Grow some balls, Swedish men. Shame on you, allowing Muslim hordes to rape your girls while you stand there with your tail between your legs. Shame on you.


  3. You do such a solid job in your analysis but then you let yourself down with a myriad of caveats Which, mind you, does not necessarily mean that homogenous > heterogenous.” Stop apologising, some cultures are better than others, homogenous societies are better than heterogeneous. The data shows this to be true. We know about the broad definition of rape in Sweden, the fact remains than non ethnic swedes carry out the majority of rapes. George Orwell said that in a time of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act. Tell the truth, and for gods sake stop apologising for it.

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  4. Thank you for the heads up, edited it now. If there is anything else you thought needed improving just let me know.

    The issue with blatantly stating that the Swedish culture is superior to others is that a large portion of Swedish society has other cultures. This in turn will polarize society even further.

    Caveats towards the end are important because not only are they what I believe in but if I don’t spell it out some of the islamists, race-hustlers, or lunatic leftists in Sweden will smear me with undeserved labels.


  5. Swedish Surveyor- You are certainly not a lone voice in the wilderness as there are thousands across Europe that believe what you do, sadly, the powers that be will be retired when the true repercussions of their policies have come to fruition. Sadly, it will be too late to turn back the clock and life as we once knew it in Europe will cease to exist.

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    1. You may very well be right but I’ll be darned if I don’t at least try convincing people to see reason. Even if that doesn’t work out I will at least be able to look myself in the mirror in the future and say, you know what, I did my best. Besides, I feel I owe it to my Swedish forefathers who built the land with their blood, sweat and tears.


      1. keep on fighting i’m with you god bless you swedish surveyor
        who wants to compromise on the safety of his nation? only traitors
        i’m afraid the current immigration policy will overreach itself
        there’s a fine line between islam and arabhood but arabs think that islam is theirs and on top of all their blunders and superficiality they think their shit doesn’t smell !


  6. May I simply say what a comfort to discover someone who truly understands what they’re talking about on the
    internet. You certainly undsrstand how to breing a problem to light aand make itt important.
    More and more people reallly need to look aat this and understand
    this side of your story. I can’t believe you’re
    not more popular given that you surely have the gift.


  7. Reblogged this on ELLIOT LAKE News and commented:
    Great website in support of Sweden’s indigenous peoples.

    Other White western nations are undergoing identical incursions of incompatible 3rd-world, NON-white peoples on a mass scale as to defy logical reasoning, yet this seemingly relentless immigrant “invasion” continues to erode the very foundations of our once-stable societies without hardly any protest. Younger readers mistakenly assume these un-welcomed events as natural occurrences because they were recently born into these times without hindsight.

    “Oldsters” have the benefit of experience prior to current times and are able to distinguish the vast differences between a stable, homogenetic lifestyle with the incongruence of parasitical, 3rd-world foreigners who were recently force-fed into our body politic without our permission.


  8. Why is Europe collectively just accepting this? I am from England and my Son’s school is no longer allowed to perform a nativity play for fer of offending the three muslims that have chosen to attend a Catholic school. If you look at Michelle Obama’s recent visit to a school in Tower Hamlets, London, you would be convinced that the school in a muslim Country, as there is not one white face in the photographs. My heart breaks for our children as they will never know what Europe and the United Kingdom once was. Thanks Swedish Surveyor for your pride and effort.


    1. it aches me too see that a pure country like sweden is being adulteerated by arab and african trash who follow their base deisires and return the good with evil what are you swedes waiting for? don’t let these barbars enter your country don’t shelter them this immigration policy is a recipe for disaster
      i know the mentality of the arabs because i’m an arab born and bread and i don’t like their extreme backward thoughts. god bless sweden


  9. pure honey is better than adulterated honey this is sweden everyone is blond blue-eyed and the angelic girls this country is blessed brcause it is generous and ethical those who call themselves muslim and commit rape against swedish girls justify their crimes by their relative poverty and extremism back home. they smeared the image of islam their backwardness and bestiality. swedish surveyor god helps you in your mission because i stand with you


    1. Yes Bob it would appear so.But Sweden need not have been played and become a Patsy for this depraved insanity.Unlike Britain,France,The Netherlands,Belgium,Spain,Portugal and Italy Sweden possessed no colonies and was thus not beholden to any third World slime intent on becoming Little Black and Brown chickens coming home to roost.All the former Colonial Powers are home to many Asians and Africans because of previous Colonial association but Sweden had no colonies and thus no obligations to this rabble.It appears that Sweden almost wanted problems so they became enchanted with the role of lol “saving the third World”.The big question now is…what or who is going to save Swede?.You may bet the family farm that is sure as hell won`t be Asia or Africa.The latter only take and never give!


  10. The importation of African and Asian scum into a country such as Sweden is illogical,unconscionable and obscenely stupid.Within fifteen years robotics,digital technology and advanced automation will replace nearly 50% of all the skilled,semi skilled and unskilled jobs performed in today`s workplace.The evidence is quite obvious;Immigrant labour is no longer necessary.or won`t be,and that immigrants are totally superfluous to the World of tomorrow with it`s emphasis on more and more streamlined automation.NO rational argument can be made in support of immigration.This invasion of black and Brown creatures is a subtle attempt by depraved elements to infiltrate and ultimately sicken White countries.The race traitor Quislings are dominant in the controlled media and the cancerous socialist leftist governments who seem hell bent to try and destroy the fabric and structure of Sweden`s society.The depraved media are an insult to anybody with intelligence and the government are just hacks and stooges for these aforementioned “depraved elements”.The only credible political party in Sweden are the Swedish Democrats who demonstrate courage,conviction,integrity,responsibility and genuine concern for the Welfare of their country.Expressen newspaper,on the other hand,is not even fit to wrap garbage in.Sweden is not lost yet if it can terminate this egotistical and fatuous desire to represent itself as the “World`s Humantarian super Power.”Sweden is in reality just a small northern European country with around 9.6 million people and every country has limited capacity.Here is an example that even Leftist retards might be able to understand;A lifeboat with a maximum capacity built to contain say 20 people will flip over and drown everyone if it`s capacity is exceeded and 30 people are loaded into the said lifeboat.Again there is NO rational or compelling argument that can be made on behalf of immigration from third World slimeholes.There are no jobs for the vast majority of these parasites and there is no accommodation for them either.These surplus “wastes of space” just represent onerous cost on the part of the host country and only increase the crime rate significantly.


  11. Breaking populations down by ethnicities is, on the face of it, fundamentally racist. But if your concern is safety, stability, way of life, your primary question is: What does X group of people believe? If you were to break down populations by what they believe first, you’ll observe patterns of skin color. But the beliefs are not determined by this genetic information. You can sort belief systems quickly, sometimes, by sorting skin colors (in the States, at least, we have dramatically different belief systems represented among whites), but if you don’t make it clear what your ultimate destination is, people following your thoughts will get lost along the way and set up firmly racist camps.

    When evaluating belief systems for their value to a stable society, it’s beneficial to step back and compare one’s own set of understandings to what is ultimately good and sustainable. I’d like to put forth the idea that Biblical Christianity is demonstrably the most good and sustainable corporate belief system the world has ever seen. U.S. law and culture was historically built on Biblical Christian ideas.

    Freedom, for example, is a major theme of the Bible if you consider the Exodus and the spiritual analogies to slavery and freedom. Evolution as a belief system says kill if you need to in order to feel comfortable, and then you yourself end – so nothing ultimately matters but what you want right now, if you have the power and control to attain it. The U.S. is dying of this idea. Freedom is no longer a unifying cultural force in this country. I talk with many average citizens about political issues, and it isn’t a question of differences on how to maintain freedom. The Left and those who believe its trickle-down aphorisms do not understand the concept of freedom. They do not speak in terms of freedom. The word irritates them as a distraction from what they feel and want. The political stability we have at present – I don’t expect it to last, because the remaining fumes of Christianity in the public tank are being actively purged.

    As I understand it, Europe as a whole abandoned Christianity a little sooner than the U.S. But if you were to lay down a column of Biblical ideas, a column of the current beliefs of traditional European populations and a column of the beliefs of Islamic immigrants, you’d probably reveal some noteworthy alignments and divergencies. Those remaining fumes of Christian thinking are important.

    Yet in the same analysis, you’d have to start considering: What is it that young, traditional-population Swedish girls as a group *believe* that leads them not to have enough children to replace the population? Fundamentally, that thought system undermines a stable society. It’s not sustainable, by definition. And it’s of crucial importance to identify the ideological source of the weakness. Who comprises the bigger problem? The violent, or those unwilling to carry their peaceful and pleasant ideas to a sizeable next generation? Isn’t the answer: Yes?

    Belief systems, not ethnicities. I’m white. I married a Christian black man. We have far more in common than I share with many if not most whites of my country. I am completely satisfied to pass our beliefs on to our three brown children and our one white child who is not biologically related to us at all. If we succeed, and if we can persuade our countrymen to come again to Christ, we will as a side effect preserve freedom as a cultural banner visible to the entire world.


    1. That doesn’t really help Sweden though. We don’t care about your half breed children, you are telling us this like its some sort of achievment. Sweden is OUR country, the indigenous have a right to remain an overwhelming majority.


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