Dagens *cherry-picking* Nyheter smears political party

Parliamentarians from the only Swedish party that opposes unlimited mass immigration from the Middle East and North Africa are being ridiculed in the leftist-media for proposing legislation to counter the fact that a Se7448wedish passport is now worth less than discount toilet paper.

As is the norm of the media in Sweden they do not actually post the proposal as a whole but cherry-pick the worst sounding elements so as to mislead the Swedish population. They then post the responses to the cherry-picked article so as to ridicule the party that most journalists oppose and give off the perception that the average Swede thinks the party is insane. I will therefore translate the proposal allowing you to judge for youself.

  1. People who do not have Swedish citizenship do not have the right to vote in Sweden.
  2. To become a minister in the Swedish government you must have had a Swedish citizenship for at least 10 years.
  3. To become a parliamentarian in the Swedish government you must have had a Swedish citizenship for at least 10 years.
  4. You can no longer be able to have dual-citizenship
  5. Foreign citizens who wish to become Swedish must swear an oath of faith and loyalty to the Swedish King, State and Nation.
  6. A citizenship test is mandatory and entails being tested on the language, culture and values of Sweden. If you do not pass the test you don’t become a Swedish citizen.
  7. If you are born with a citizenship other than Swedish you can have it taken away if you have obtained the citizenship through threats, bribes, extortion, or other dishonest ways.
  8. If you are born with a citizenship other than Swedish you can have it taken away if you are involved in terror crimes, other exceptionally serious crime, or treason.
  9. Only Swedish citizens can become become commander in chief of the Swedish Military.
  10. Only Swedes who been born with a Swedish citizenship and has kept it his whole life can become the commander in chief of the Swedish Military.

Instead of actually showing the whole proposals to people, Dagens Nyheter; Swedens biggest morning paper, mocked the proposal of a democratically elected party by cherry picking the suggestion regarding the king. He has dyslexia and is a sort of humorous mascot. They then posted his picture and that proposal implying that Sweden Democrats are an anachronism; like the Swedishoccupy2_opt(1) king.

In the defence of Dagens Nyheter they did post a link to the proposal but I would argue that most people don’t bother to read legislative proposals. Unfortunately the trust might be misguided seeing as 41% of Swedish journalists vote for Miljöpartiet; a tiny extremist party that received a mere 6.89% in the national election. Bear in mind that Miljöpartiet staunchly opposes the Sweden Democrats which calls into question wether or not there is a serious journalistic bias which is detrimental to the democracy of our little Scandinavian nation.

The newspaper did not shine any light on why the Sweden Democrats proposed the legislation I am going to do a quick (maybe a little shoddy) translation of the reasoning that the Sweden Democrats put forth following the legislation.

Translation: Why did the Sweden Democrats propose the legislation in question?

“The value of the swedish citizenship is gradually being diminished. For assimilation to be possible a Swedish citizenship is something that must be earned over a long period of time and ought to certain exclusive rights. An example of such exclusive rights should be the unnegotiable right to stay and live in Sweden, the right to vote in Swedish elections and the right to be choosen to political assignments

In some municipalities there are regions that are dominated by immigrants. Simultaneously, today, foreigners that live in Sweden have the right to vote in the municipality and county elections. With continued mass immigration small municipalities will receive a population that have majority immigrant populations, who will for the most part be foreign citizens. In the long run this can lead to foreign citizens, without a feel for Swedish society, Swedish culture, Swedish traditions, obtaining great political power in Sweden. This goes against common-sense and must be dealt with.

There are many problems with dual citizenship. This can be due to inheritance, because some countries do not allow inheritance being transferred over to citizens with dual citizenship. This can also become a problem when it comes to marriages, divorce, custody of children etc. This can also mean that a person is allowed to vote in two countries or is called in for military service in his second homeland. For these reasons; dual citizenships should not be allowed in Sweden.

A foreign citizen who wishes to become a Swedish citizen should have to swear an oath of faith and loyalty to the Swedish King, the Swedish State, and the Swedish Nation. Furthermore the individual applying should have to do a citizenship test where he is tested in the Swedish language, knowledge of the Swedish culture, its history and be judged to be asset for Sweden. If the new citizen in any way breaks this oath, or, in any other way appears to be detrimental to Sweden via terror crimes, other exceptionally serious crime or is considered to have stronger loyalty to a foreign power than Sweden, may have his citizenship revoked.

If Sweden becomes involved in an armed conflict certain demands of loyalty towards Sweden are placed on the commander in chief. In a situation such as that it is of great importance that the Swedish Armed Forces leadership consists of people who identify as belonging to the Swedish nation. For these reason you must have a lifelong Swedish citizenship to be accepted for a position as the Swedish commander in chief. The requirement that the Swedish commander-in-chief must have Swedish citizenship was removed from the constitution in 2010, this demand must be reinstated.”

You have all the facts and can come to a conclusion. I do not necessarily agree with the proposal but feel obligated to highlight this issue because the media seems exceptionally biased against the party in question.

Critics will argue that I am biased and I lack journalistic integrity just like Dagens Nyheter by shedding light on one aspect and smearing, which some might consider me as having done with the Mona Sahlin post. I consider it to be harsh critique so in the end it is all a matter of perception. Regardless of the forementioned this is a small blogg not one of Swedens biggest newspapers. If anything the biggest morning newspaper in Sweden, which reaches 758 000 people each day, has more responsibility to perform than me. They can seriously impact the election result and thereby have a duty to be honest in their portrayal of parties.

The purpose of the blogg is to mock ALL politicians and ALL Swedish media by showing the flip side of the coin. If its any consolation to my critics I will mock the Sweden Democrats and right-wing newspapers in future posts. I believe that the welfare state in combination with mass immigration is detrimental to Sweden. The Sweden Democrats want to uphold the welfare state, leave the E.U. and limit immigration. Hence I only agree with them regarding immigration. They have dodgy people in their party, roots in the white-power movement, and ocassionaly give strange proposals and are constantly harangued for it but the sort of journalism that Dagens *cherry picking* Nyheter are using, in this case, reminds me of Pravda.

Oh, and I don’t doubt for a second that the Swedish mainstream will try to smear me and my freedom of speech. They will claim I am a paid for SD-sympathiser which is simply false. I am not receiving a penny from them nor am I employed by them. Just because I think that we should restrict immigration and place demands on those wanting a Swedish passport doesn’t make me a racist, nazi, islamophobe, etc.

A prime example of the political correctness was experienced first hand by a Somali-Swedish journalist who wanted to highlight islamic extremism in the suburbs.


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