Taxpayers forced to support ex-ISIS terrorists

Who is this lovely politician?3272093

This politician has represented the Social(ist)-Democrats for around 40 years and has come under the spotlight for promising that ”Swedish” boys who have travelled down to Syria to kill infidels in the name of the Islamic State are victims and will therefore be supported by Swedish taxpayers. She is also quick to point out that segregation is just as big of a threat to democracy as extremism.

By segregation does she perhaps mean the “structural discrimination” which occurs when a man who has his origins in the Middle East and speaks Swedish poorly is denied a job whilst a Swede with his origins in Sweden who speaks Swedish fluently gets a job?

Non-Swedes probably think that this was a bad attempt at satire but alas this is just a high-ranking Swedish politician at work year 2014. In her defence former P.M. Göran Persson did point out over a decade ago that:

“Her strength is not thinking but projecting a message”

Fun Fact: The journalist interviewing the P.M. got angry and said that it could make her and others sad when he said mean things. This, to me, is Swedish culture in a nutshell.

Sweden = IKEA, Volvo, Snow, Blondes, and ISIS (?)

It may seem surreal but genocidal maniacs hiding out with a Swedish passport is nothing new in Sweden unfortunately your average Joe here has no idea. The explanation for the ostrich like behaviour is quiet simple; anyone criticising Islamists or the Islamic faith is automatically labelled an islamophobe by the official and social media. One man who suffered this sort of outcry is the poet and Christian Marcus Birro who tweeted the following.

“I don’t buy that all “religions” are dangerous. What does the majority of the worlds religious terrorism have in common? Islam. Fact.”

He was consequently called racist by the left wing media and received no less than 10 death threats and this sort of response which led him to leave the country,

This is the nastiest form of political correctness and as we all know it can have devastating consequences because it tends to diminish common sense as was experienced first hand by the people in Rotterham. Thus far the ethnic Swede brings thoughts to the equally peaceful albeit monocultural dodo bird.

How many Swedish boys and girls with the ability to travel freely in the EU have decided to join the Holy War against infidels in 2014?

Like with the costs related to immigration, Swedish authorities are notoriously bad at keeping track of problems which may cause people to vote for the “wrong” party.

* = Confirmed number of Swedes who have travelled to Syria and Iraq to fight for ISIS

** = Estimated number of Swedes who have travelled to Syria and Iraq fight for ISIS

^ = Swedish ISIS fighters who have died.

2014-08-14 – 80* – 200** – 20 ^

According to researchers at the Swedish National Defence College there are around 80 confirmed cases of individuals who have travelled to Syria to kill infidels with unparralleled brutality but there could be around 200 which in laymans terms means that they have no idea.

2014-10-22 – 90* – 150** – 23 ^

Two months later the Swedish Security Service notes that we have nothing to fear for three more Swedes have perished and they downplay the estimate regarding Swedes who travelled to Syria to join up with ISIS to 150. Mind you they are referring to the previous estimate which stated upwards 200 people.

2014-11-07 – 90* – 300350** – 27 ^

The Swedish Security Service has not updated the numbers but according to one Swede, with relatives high up in the Kurdish military, there are around 300-350.

2014-11-22 – 100* – 300**27^

The Swedish Security Services state there are 100 confirmed cases and 150 unconfirmed. They update the estimate to 300+. Seeing as we have lax terror laws in Sweden they “calm” the population by informing them that when the traumatized jihadists come home the Security Service visits them and lets them know they are being watched. I feel safer already.


Although I get tired of hearing the words “Islamophobia” the following mantra ought to be repeated to counter-act the politically correct elements if you are to discuss the issue rationally:

The majority of Swedish muslims are NOT terrorists but the majority of Swedish terrorists ARE muslims.

It truly goes to show that the the Swedish education system has devolved into a complete multicultural disaster. This is clearly reflected amongst the younger generation who went on to become journalists and politicians. The anti-Islamophobe-industry is a relatively new Swedish phenomenon and their lack of logic stems from the same root; shoddy Swedish schools which is reflected in their conscious or subconscious use of fallacies. I try to be somewhat elaborate in my critique of Swedish journalists and politicians whilst they are more fond of ad hominems.


Relax and realize that Mona “Christ” Sahlin and Mehmet “The Victim” Kaplan will solve this. They will gather up the ex-ISIS warriors (that our own Secret Service can’t keep track off) and hold hands whilst listening to Kumbaya.

To most Mona will be remembered as a post-modernistic version of Jesus who’s policies, one might argue, undermine ISIS-victims.


In her defense she probably thinks she is doing the right thing to stem all forms of extremism. The logic might go something along the lines of

-If we give them a second chance they will not be ostracised by society which in turn reduces the chance of a relapse-

I can respect the fact that she might think that way even though I think we need to get tougher on the issue of Islamic extremism. If push comes to shove I will be very clear:

Mona has ALSO dedicated more time than most in fighting all forms of extremism and has probably helped more people in her lifetime than I ever will. The blunder, however, deserves a very critical response, hence my, harsh language.

Last but not least the Swedish Secret Service probably have more information than they choose to go out with and I am not too familiar with their efficiency. Despite this I deem it likely that their hands are tied behind their backs due to Islamophobia and political correctness. In Sweden we call it.

Beröringsskräck –

The lady below is a classic example of how far political-correctness can go.


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