Morgan “only 1%” Johansson


Who is Morgan Johansson?

As of the 3rd of October 2014 this gentlemen has taken on the role as both Sweden’s Minister of Justice and Minister of Migration in the current minority government that rules Sweden with a feminist fist. His boss is none other than our very own prime minister; Stefan Löfven.

What will future generations remember him for?

What truly makes him stand out is his proclamation in public service radio “Studio Ett” that the 100 000 asylum seekers who are expected in 2015 are a mere 1% of the population” and therefore a minor issue for Sweden.

The biggest issue according to the minister is the even distribution of refugees to all the Swedish municipalities. To solve the distribution dilemma he has implied placing economic sanctions on the Swedish municipalities that refuse to take on refugees. He is, nevertheless generous, for he will provide taxpayer-kronor to those municipalities who take on more refugees. Morgan is, in other words, a sort of Old Testament god.

His socialist omnipotence does not end there. He has decided to invite most of the political parties to discuss solutions to the, so-called, minor issue Sweden is facing. 87% of the Swedish electorate is represented at the discussion.

Morgan shockingly decided to exclude the third-largest democratically elected party from the talks; The Sweden Democrats. The political-party that almost 800 000 Swedes voted for despite daily accusations by the media that the party in question was racist for wanting to reduce immigration. Morgan claims that they aren’t constructive when it comes to these issues for they have a completely different outlook on the issue. He is quiet right. They do not view the current situation with his politically correct contact lenses. They want to reduce immigration to the European average and do not consider the current levels to be sustainable. The political parties that were invited differ greatly from this standpoint, they think unlimited mass immigration is the only way forward for Sweden.

His reputation was, however, improved just yesterday, 2014-11-12, when he argued that we shouldn’t view refugees as a liability for Swedish society but rather as an asset. He probably realized that he didn’t sound convincing so he used an argument which pretty much sums up the definition of brain drain.

“Many of those arriving to Sweden are educated doctors, teachers and other white-collar workers that we sorely need. We need to teach them Swedish fast and get them employed.”

and the unforgettable

“The Zlatan and Loreen (who?) of 2030 might come from Syria and Eritrea!”

Making the Orwellian argument that a liability is the same thing as an asset became even more contradictory when he said that he was going to apply for EU-benefits. If refugees are an asset why would Sweden need to apply for benefits to pay for them?

Welfare… to pay for…welfare. Welfareception?

To sum things up; Morgan will be remembered by the municipalities as the socialist with a god complex who gave them two choices; the carrot or the stick. By a small click of people he will be remembered for his logical fallacies and political correctness. Most will, however, remember him simply as….

Morgan “only 1%” Johansson.


Swedes have the most generous welfare system in the world which is paid for with the highest taxes in the world. Granting 100 000 alleged refugees citizenship will be expensive. Mind you, only a small percentage are actually considered refugees by UN standards which raises questions as to who is actually being granted asylum in Sweden. Our neighbours, Norway and Denmark, take in a tiny fraction of refugees compared to us and they consider the redistribution of taxpayer kronor to be a sacred duty. Therefore they compare their statistics regarding costs related to immigration with each other regularily. When they decided to compare with Sweden they were in for a shock. Swedish counterparts had no idea how much immigration cost them because they don’t research the matter properly, despite taking in more refugees per capita than any other european country.

The question is wether or not the nationalists are a viable alternative?

You tell me.

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