Should we laugh or cry?

 I previously wrote about Mona Sahlin here after she stated that Swedish taxpayers are going to pay for the rehabilitation of former genocidal maniacs. I was certain that her naïvety had peaked but apparently it knows no bounds.monamuslim10

Sweden is leading the EU rankings in rape and school arson but thus far we have not overtaken Belgium in jihadists/capita. To counter-act this our Donald Duck government has promoted Mona Sahlin to “national coordinator against violent extremism”. She takes her job seriously and has therefore envisioned a concept that may come to change the face of this planet forever. Radicalization and religious extremism will be a thing of the past with the…

…Mona Sahlin hotline against extremism!

This way the victims of “structural discrimination” will be able to call the jihadi-prevention hotline when they realize that the word of the Swedish Social Services is superior to the word of god. The hotline also extends to the relatives of would-be terrorists.

The proposal will now be investigated and she stresses that time is of the essence and it must be implemented quickly. Some might say that we should revoke the passports of jihadists. Others might say that the government should stop funding Islamist organisations. Mona Sahlin and Mehmet Kaplan probably disagree, and maybe they are right, which beckons the question…

Will we beat Belgium in the E.U. jihadist/capita rankings? 

—-> Sweden is now in the lead! <—-

ISIS sponsored by Danish welfare –> here
Sweden’s Islamist (?) Minister of Urban development –> here
Swedish ambulance drivers attacked with machetes; demand military gear –> here

A wise man once said:

Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.

– Martin Luther King (1929-1968)


Swedish ambulance union demands military gear for no-go zones

The situation on the ground as described by a great writer who doesn’t beat around the bush when it comes to Sweden.


The Swedish police recently released a map of 55 no-go zones, where law enforcement in effect have ceded control to predominantly immigrant gangs. When I reported it on my blog, some readers expressed disbelief despite the source being readily available and supporting every statement made in my post.

Well, now the Swedish ambulance union is demanding military grade protection gear to enter these no-go zones, since the attacks are growing too frequent and too severe. The list of incidents ranges from slashed tires and smashed windshields to physical violence with machetes and firearms. Blinding drivers with green lasers in an attempt to make them crash is another popular pastime in the no-go zones; this growing sport also frequently afflicts bus drivers, taxis, mailmen, fire trucks and delivery services.

“We need the paramedics to be prepared when entering these hot zones,” said union leader Henrik Johansson. “They need riot helmets…

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Comedy as a Weapon against Hypocrisy

Internationally Sweden has a seemingly unshakeable reputation as the country that consists of: blondes, moose and IKEA.

That may have been true 50 odd years ago but today we face a very different reality due to the irresponsible policies promoted by journalists and celebrities. This group of Swedes perceive themselves as belonging to an upper class with a holier than thou attitude. I find this incredibly ironic for they often take big loans to live beyond their means in Swedish monocultural neighbourhoods. The irresponsible policies this group of idealists force down the gullets of Swedes is implemented by the politicians. In the end your average Svensson will have to pay for the “generosity” imposed on them.

On the bright side there are a number of Swedes that have decided to stand up and make their voice heard in whichever way they can. One man truly stands out for he is using a tried and tested weapon.

Under the pseudonym @SinglaSlant on Twitter he has come up with the brilliant concept of #PKbor. Using comedy he mocks those who promote multiculturalism whilst simultaneously living in Swedish monocultural areas. Here is a sample of his work:


“Soran Ismail promotes multiculturalism”

“Lives in a completely Swedish area in Södermalm”

Practice what you preach

The prerequisite for appearing on one of the #Pkbor memes is having spoken fondly of multiculturalism in the media whilst living in areas that are 95% Swedish.

It is easy to be generous with other peoples money and it is easy to dictate to others how they should lead their lives. I myself am not living in a multicultural area or a no-go zone but I have worked in both and I see no reason to impose those living conditions on others. Laughing at hypocricy or extremism is often the best way to combat it for arrogant individuals have an inflated sense of self-worth and get exceedingly touchy when displayed in a negative light.

Regardless of how efficient #SinglaSlant‘s efforts are, I always smirk when I see his work and this very same medicine is being used to undermine evil in a part of the world that is faced with a much greater threat than Sweden.

A wise (wo)man once said
“The only way to get through life is to laugh your way through it. You either have to laugh or cry. I prefer to laugh. Crying gives me a headache.” – Marjorie Pay Hinckley (1912-2004)

Denmark dealing out welfare to active ISIS jihadists –> here
Taxpayers forced to provide for ex-Jihadists —> here
How did one translators error in 1947 lead to a nonsensical political discourse today? —> here

ISIS – Sponsored by the Welfare State

28 Danish citizens received unemployment benefits whilst waging war for the Islamic State according to the Danish Security and Intelligence Service – 2014-11-27islamicstte

15 of these individuals were ordered to return the money, eight are still being investigated and five cases have been dropped. Whilst the Danish Minister of Justice says that “It is incredibly important that we are not naïve” the Swedish equivalent has clearly proven that he is just that.

Morgan “only 1%” Johansson <–> Swedish Minister of Justice

How much money is being doled out to terrorists?

The Scandinavian countries have the world’s most generous unemployment insurance systems and in Denmark you are able to receive up to $134 per day for two years although most receive more modest benefits.

How many Danes are in Syria killing for ISIS?

In Denmark there are +100 according to the Danish Intelligence Service but this number is from June and Naser Khader; Danish commentator on Middle Eastern affairs; states that the numbers ought to be revised up. The Local claims that Denmark has the second largest number of foreign fighters in Syria relative to its size after Belgium.

What is the situation like for Sweden?

There are up to 300 Swedes fighting for ISIS according to the Swedish Security Service. This makes the Locals claim regarding Denmark being second questionable. We have twice their population but three times as many jihadists in Syria.

Why are Denmark and Sweden leading the European rankings in jihadists/capita?

The short answer is that the welfare states in the North have embraced the Marxist doctrine of multiculturalism and have opened their borders to immigration from the Middle East. Opening borders to MENA migrants isn’t necessarily problematic per se but it can be taken too far. Denmark has started to realize that a responsible immigration policy is the way to go hence they place demands on people arriving to Denmark and root out those lying or deceiving the country’s taxpayers.immigration

Sweden has gone in the opposite direction with uncontrolled immigration from MENA, extreme multiculturalism, free healthcare for illegal immigrants and much, much more. Our journalists, to an overwhelming degree, vote for an extremist party that wants to open our borders completely and the news reporting has proven to be biased time and time again. There have been no reports of terrorists on welfare in blonde and blue-eyed Sweden.

Considering the naïvety of our current government it would actually surprise me if investigations regarding terrorists on welfare actually occur or are even allowed. That would be bad press for the government, and who wants that? The chart from New Statesman shows that Sweden is taking in more asylum seekers/capita from MENA than the UK, Germany and France combined. As always, Sweden is the extreme outlier and will embrace allas lika värde until the bitter end.

A wise man once said:

Two things are infinite. The universe and human stupidity and I’m not so sure about the universe. – Albert Einstein


Politically Incorrect Dictionary

To highlight how words are unintentionally and intentionally used to influence public opinion in Sweden, I have compiled a list of Swedish words that are commonly used in political and medial discourse. It will be continously updated.

Click the examples to get to the source: the Swedish media.

1. Paperless = Papperslös

Definition: Illegal immigrant

Example: “US citizens rage after Obama allowed millions of paperless citizens to work and stay in the country” – Public Service Media; Swedens Radio – 2014-11-21

2. Everyone has equal value = Alla är lika värdahitlermothertheresa

Definition: Nonsensical phrase that stems from a faulty translation of the UN declaration of human rights.

Example: “The governments power shall be wielded with a respect for all peoples equal value and for every mans freedom and dignity” – The second paragraph of Swedens constitution; RF 1:2

3. Swedish = Svensk

Definition: A man who has a Swedish citizenship but roots swedishaverageanywhere; such as: Iraq, Somalia, Syria, and Afghanistan

Example: “Swedish Security Service: Up to 300 Swedes have joined ISIS” – one of Swedens biggest newspapers; Dagens Nyheter, 2014-11-22

4. Islamophobia = Islamofobi


Definition: Any form of critique or questions towards Muslims/Islamic groups regardless of validity.

Example: Rashid Musa, CEO of Swedens Young Muslims, was asked wether he and his organisation work to prevent Muslims from joining ISIS he responded:

“Before I answer, I must tell you that your question is very Islamophobic” – 7m17s

He subsequently avoided the question until finally stating that he is against every sort of extremism. Then he sued Swedens Television for insinuating that he and his organisation supported terrorism. In this article he argues that white people generalize about Muslims; in effect generalizing about white people.

Would the pope start talking about anti-Caucasianism or Christianophobia if he was asked wether he works to prevent young militant men from beheading innocents in the name of Catholicism?

Reza Aslan said, “Assuming you need to ask, it’s not Islamophobic”

300 young Muslims have joined ISIS after being radicalised in Sweden. I think it’s time our journalists are able to ask Rashid Musa and the organisation “Swedens Young Muslims” questions without him labelling them: racist, white, Islamophobes.

5. Bridge builder = Brobyggare

Definition: Gypsy from Eastern Europe who is paid by the government to help other Gypsies from Eastern Europe

Example: “More Romani bridgebuilders next year” – Swedish governments website where they notify that they are investing 33 million kronor on Gypsies over the next two years. – 2013-09-08.

6. Prejudice = Fördomsfullhet

Definition: Being more wary when faced with a group of Arab youths in one of Swedens 55 no-go zones than when you are faced with a group of “ethnic” Swedish youths in one of Swedens posh areas.

7. Multiculturalism = Mångkulturzoolander

Definition: Non-Swedish culture

Example: “Money for multiculturalism” – Swedens Public Service Media; Sveriges Radio, regarding 550 000 Swedish taxpayer kronor going to the organisation “Multiculturalism Islam Organisation” – 2014-10-01

8. New Arrivals = Nyanlända

Definition: Immigrants / Asylum Seekers

Example: “Rental units are needed for new arrivals”Mehmet Kaplan; Swedish Minister of Urban Development; Swedish newspaper; Ny Teknik, 2014-11-11

9. Refugee child = Flyktingbarnfaker

Definition: Young adults; 15-18 or adults pretending to be children. In Denmark more than half of the so-called “children” turned out to be adults that were lying to get asylum. In Sweden age controls are lax or non-existant so as to not offend the “children”. I have a hard time believing that the children are drawn to Sweden whilst our neighbours in Norway, Denmark and Finland receive adults pretending to be children. There are a small number of children but it must be absurd for them to have to live with adults pretending to be children.

Example: “New school for refugee children” – Swedish Public Service Media; Sveriges Radio on taxpayers being forced to pay for a school. – 2014-11-21


The Prime Minister, Stefan Löfven, with “refugee children”

10. Romani = Rom

Definition: Gypsy from Eastern Europe

Example: “Sweden has a direct responsibilty for the Romani citizens who are in Sweden” – Swedish newspaper Västerbotten-Kuriren – 2014-11-11, whereas Romani lobbyist Soraya Post argues that Swedes:

  • Must stop evicting gypsies who are camping illegally
  • Provide them with alternative housing
  • Provide them with free healthcare and dental care
  • Swedish police need to protect gypsies from potential threats

11. A Nazi = Nazist

Definition: Epithet used by the extreme-left to silence those with different views then their own.

Example: “SVT rapport was convicted for comparing the Sweden Democrats to nazis” – extract from a report whereas Swedens Television compared a political party to nazis. They use quotas leading to a situation where 2nd and 3rd generation immigrants are employed to do unbiased reporting on political parties that want to reduce immigration. It is clear they cannot do unbiased coverage due to the innate conflict of interest. – 2014-10-27

12. Racistdagensnyheter = Rasist

Definition: A person who wants to preserve Swedish culture and/or reduce immigration or bigotry.

Example: “Racist joke chocks city council” – one of Swedens biggest newspapers, Dagens Nyheter, in reference to a politician who made a joke about Muslims at the city council. Most of us know Muslims are not a race or an ethnic group; the newspaper in question, does not seem to be aware of this. 2014-11-25

13. Violated = Kränktdealwithit

Definition: Frustrated / Offended (often by reality)

Example: “My integrity-zone has long ago been violated” – Nyheter 24, woman who feels offended because a man is flirting with her. She sees no reason why she should inform him of her sexuality because that is her business not his. 2014-11-23

14. Beggar = Tiggare

Definition: Gypsy from Eastern Europe

Example: “Beggars should be seen as refugees” – Västmanlands Tidning; the writer appears to have suffered a severe overdose of oxytocin; the hormone that causes the mother instinct. Essentially victimising gypsies as if they only have one option in life; begging. – 2014-11-25hillbilly

15. Sweden Democrat = Sverigedemokrat

Definition: The Swedish equivalent of UKIP voter; a stereotypical man who votes for them. Often regarded as lonely, mid 40’s, uneducated, xenophobic, racist etc.

Example: “Only racists should vote for the Sweden Democrats” – headline from one of Swedens biggest newspapers, Aftonbladet, 2014-06-21

16. Freedom of speech = Yttrandefrihetfreedomofspeech

Definition: Freedom of Speech as long as you hold left-wing views. If you are xenophobic, dislike foreigners and/or religious extremism you risk being exposed by the media

Example: “Here are more people that hate anonymously on the internet” – One of Swedens biggest newspapers, Expressen, 2013-12-11, in regard to exposing the names of 6200 people that posted “hateful comments” anonymously in right-wing media. The newspaper in question utilized an extreme-left wing hacker group to expose them and their lives were subsequently ruined. The hacker group was nominated for the “Big Journalist Prize” by a Swedish journalist organisation.

17. Throwing out all the immigrants = Kasta ut alla invandrare

Definition: Reduce immigration to the European average

Example: “This is how the Sweden Democrats want to kick out refugees. For real.” – Expo, far left newspaper 2014-08-21 in regard to the party in question wanting to reduce immigration to the European average.

18. Honor violence = Hedersvåld

Definition: Culture from MENA whereas it is acceptable to kill your daughter if she infringes on your family’s honor. The term honor violence attempts to dispel the fact that very few “Swedes” have the habit of killing their relatives for having pre-marital sex.

Example: “The County government of Östergötland have during 10 years had an assignment from the government regarding preventing honor-related violence.” – article from Aftonbladet whereas an entire class of schoolgirls had been mutilated; i.e. clitoris and the labia are cut off. No mention in the newspaper of the fact that the individuals who had been mutilated were most likely not Swedish nor was there a mention of the fact that this culture stems from the Middle-East and North Africa.

19. Outsidership zone/Parallell society = Utanförskapsområde/Parallelsamhällehusbyjoke

Definition: Ghetto or one of Sweden’s 55 no-go zones where the police avoid entering and the ambulance union demand military grade gear to enter.

Example: “The term parallel society is sometimes used to describe these areas” – Police report from 2014-10 whereas the police describe the 55-no go zones that they regularily get attacked in.

20. Opinion hallway = Åsiktskorridoren

Definition: You must host opinions within the metaphorical hallway to avoid being called racist, nazi etc.

Example: “Yes, the Swedish opinion hallway is too slim” – Dagens Samhälle, newspaper – 2014-08-18

21. Interpretation precedence = Tolkningsföreträdecheck-your-privilege

Definition: If you have a certain sex, religion, skin color your opinions, regardless of basis in fact, are more valid. If a 60-year old Christian theologian has dedicated his life to Islam and discusses the religion with a 20 year-old Muslim mechanic; the mechanic automatically has more valid views.

Example: “There are many anti-feminists (who don’t have interpretation precedence) that discriminate against transsexual people” – quote from Nyheter 24, 2014-11-17

22. Racialized = Rasifierad

Definition: Anyone who has non-Caucasian skin; victims

Example: “Organisations often like to talk about how they work with multiculturalism but this is often aimed at racialized individuals not transsexuals” – Public Service Media; Swedens Radio 2014-11-03

23. Structural discrimination = Strukturell diskriminering

Definition: An ingrained concept whereas an invisible discriminatory force makes it impossible for non-Caucasian Swedes to get a job or apartments. A hypotethical example would be Mahmoud Abdullah from Somalia who speaks poor Swedish whilst Sven Svensson from Sweden speaks fluent Swedish. If Sven gets a job; Mahmoud has experienced structural discrimination.

Example: “Gypsies experience structural discrimination and have trouble finding apartments” – Public Service Media; Sveriges Radio; 2014-11-24

24. EU-migrant = EU-migrantrock

Definition: Gypsy from Eastern Europe

Example: “Roof over the heads of EU-migrants” – headline from Public Service Media; Swedens Radio; with regards to Swedish taxpayers providing housing for gypsy beggars. (They have no say in the matter) – 2014-11-17

25. Assets = Tillgångarjokerburning

Definition: Liability often in reference to immigration from the 3rd world being assets sometime in the future despite the fact that economists dispute this statement consistently.

Example: “Society needs to see refugees as assets not liabilites” – Morgan “only 1%” Johansson

26. Plus migration = Plusmigration

Definition: Mass immigration. A completely new Swedish word I discovered on, 2015-03-10. The article in question is written by politically correct Christian Democrat politician and regards suggestions for solutions to the housing crisis. In the article we are notified that only 40,000 flats are built per year whilst politicians are simultaneously planning on accomodating 100,000 asylum seekers from the Middle East and North Africa every year.

Example: “The unexpected couple negative interest rates and plusmigration means that housing politics need to […]” – Ulf Perbo, formerly Secretary of State for the former Minister of Housing.

27. Pussy Porter = Fittbärare

Definition: Woman. Some extremists within the third-wave feminist movement think that the words “woman” and “man” may cause transsexuals and other minorities to feel excluded because they identify as the other sex.

Example: “The menstrual cup is a gift to all pussy porters” – Headline from Nyheter 24, a news-site. Linnea Carlén, a “journalist” who thinks menstrual cups are a great alternative to tampons for women or as she puts it, pussy porters.

28. Stockholmers = Stockholmarestockholmers2

Definition: Terrorists / murderers / serial rapists

Example: “[…] Many Stockholmers have travelled to fight with the terrorist organization IS in Syria.” – 2015-05-18, From article in Svenska Dagbladet regarding politicians in Stockholm rewarding returning Islamic State terrorists.

29. Children = Barn

Definition: Young and often violent gangs of immigrants from MENA (or Swedish citizens with origin in MENA)

Example: “Bus driver was assaulted by children” – 2015-05-18, from article in Aftonbladet regarding “children” throwing rocks, crushing windows on the bus, and finally assaulting the bus driver.

30.. Youths = Ungdomar

Definition: Same definition as 29 but the gang-members are somewhat older and more aggressive.

Example: “50 or so youths in Tensta threw rocks and firebombs at the police during Friday night” – 2015-05-22, from article in SvD reporting on “youths” rioting and causing mayhem in non-Swedish ghettos.


Milder and harsher terms are used to label groups so as to influence public opinion and victimize certain groups. This is done consciously and subconsciously by politicians and journalists alike. The majority of Journalists vote for a party that hates the Sweden Democrats, hence the harsh labelling and biased reporting.

  • You are less likely to vote for a party that is considered racist, nazi, hateful, xenophobic etc. by the the majority of society.
  • You are more likely to vote for a party that wants to help poor paperless children and EU-migrants who are discriminated against by society.

Does Sweden have an Islamist minister in the government?here
Why  are Swedish taxpayers to rehabilitate and support ISIS jihadists?here
Is Swedens Minister of Justice incompetent or naïve?here
What would happen if the USA took in as many immigrants as Sweden?here
Why will Swedes never know if they become a minority in Sweden?here


– I do not care how many pigments you were born with or what faith you have.
– A child of a man who was born in abject poverty will have a harder time in school due to the parent not being educated properly. That has nothing to do with his hair color or the number of pigments he was born with
-If you interpret my post as racist/discriminating I wish to inform you that it was not my intent, will, nor purpose. That is your opinion and perspective and I respect that. If you have views on that which I have written or the pictures I have posted you are more than welcome to comment or message me. If I consider your critique valid, I will edit this post.
– I have generalized to some extent and cherry-picked examples whereas the terms are used in the context I am referring to. That does not mean that what I have written is false: drawing that conclusion is a fallacy fallacy.
-You should not draw the conclusion that ALL the journalists in Sweden are biased reason or report with flowery phrases to hide the truth. I am merely highlighting the fact that many regularily do.
-There are people who use terms such as racist, nazi etc. and are referring to the definition in the dictionary. That is unfortunately rare in my subjective and (very) unscientific opinion.
-Soraya Post has a tendency to sue people for hate crimes; anti-gypsyism. Out of respect for her I have used the term Romani which she seems to prefer. She can, however, not speak for the entire Gypsy/Romani people just as I cannot speak for the entire Swedish people.
– I have nothing against gypsies. I believe their culture makes it hard for them to integrate into society. I do not believe that “structural discrimination” is the root of all evils and that Swedish discrimination is causing gypsies to organize themselves and beg in every single Swedish town and city. I believe that our lax laws, the fact that a lot of Swedes give the organized beggars money is the cause for this.
– The term gypsy cannot be directly translated to the Swedish derogatory term “zigenare” for it is used by several gypsy organisations in the UK for example: the UK gypsy council. It is also a legal term in English law. If you find it offensive you are the racist for drawing a negative association to the term in your head.

The Power of Words

“Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth” – Marcus Aurelius (121-180 AD)

Swedish discourse oftentimes makes absolutely no sense to foreigners learning the language. When I read the newspapers I often pinch myself to make sure that I am not having a Marxist nightmare. The truisms, platitudes and clichés are thrown around as if the country has devolved into a religious sect. As a reader I can only imagine how absurd that sounded but give me a chance to explain before you place a tin-foil hat upon my head.swedishdiscourse

We like to think that our free will is absolute and that our actions stem from this free will. To some extent this is true but we often ignore the uncomfortable truth; that we have a genetic predisposition for certain types of behavior.

e.g. addiction, mental illness and aggression

Society and habits also influence our thinking. If something is repeated often enough we tend to think it is true; this is called groupthink or mob mentality. There are other subtle ways in which society changes our behaviour without us knowing it. One of those ways is the language we speak and the words we use. Take a moment and imagine growing up in the territory that is controlled by the Islamic State. All your friends, family members, politicians and journalists would refer to the jihadists as freedom fighers. Is it really that hard to believe that even we would start seeing them as freedom fighters?

Mao Zedong utilized this knowledge and the terminology he created is used to indoctrinate Chinese children to this day. The Chinese and the Swedes both share one important trait; humanity and thereby share similar flaws and strengths. Whilst Mao actively used the language to influence the population, Sweden can attribute some of its terminology to a faulty translation.

It all started in 1948 when Sweden decided to adopt the UN Declaration of Human Rights. Every single country that signs it translates it into their respective language. Unfortunately for us, one translator was overly confident and his error has influenced every aspect of Swedish society. Take a look at the first paragraph of the forementioned declaration.

  • English – All humans are born free and are equal in dignity and rights
  • Swedish – All humans are born free and are equal in value and rights

This probably occurred due to a translation from German to Swedish.

  • German: Würde = Dignity = that something is worthy of respect
  • Swedish: Värde = Value = that something has importance or usefulness

How can this one phrase have influenced all of Swedish society?

Over time the phrase “All humans are of equal value” evolved into day-to-day use. Children are taught it in schools and it has even been implemented into the Swedish constitution. It sounds ridiculous to you and me but if you were to view a political debate in Sweden you would notice that the politicians are constantly reminding everyone that they believe that “everyone is equal in value” and that their opponents do not. You must take the semi-religious phrase to heart otherwise you are regarded as cruel and cold. 66 years of this one error and the Swedish version of the declaration has still not been corrected.

It has gone so far that if you ask a Swede if:

“Alla är lika mycket värda?”

he will give you a strange look, raise his eyebrows and blankly say

“Of course”

A wise man once said

He who knows nothing is closer to the truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors.

Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826)

Swedish-English Politically Correct Dictionary here
Why will Swedes never know when they become a minority?here
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Swedish politician states that taxpayers must support former jihadists here
Learn how the media distorts facts and smears political parties here

“Open your hearts” (and wallets) – Fredrik Reinfeldt – Part 1


Fredrik Reinfeldt was Sweden’s Prime Minister from 2006 until 2014. He has marketed himself as a friendly family man in Sweden and abroad. Reinfeldt, Carl Bildt and Anders Borg are often regarded as a dream team. Borg is credited with shielding Sweden from the disastrous effects of the 2008 recession which is why international observers are confused as to why they didn’t win this years election. As a Swede who has followed the election closely there could be no other outcome mainly due to Reinfeldts infamous speech. Prior to delving into recent events lets delve into Reinfeldts past.

In 1993 he wrote a book called “The dormant population”. An amusing journey in a dystopian Sweden where people are comatised by the benefits they receive. Having worked in most of Sweden’s no-go zones and ghettos I can agree that welfare is a lovely in principle but detrimental in reality. Human beings become dependent on the state and expect it to solve their self-inflicted problems. You didn’t come here for a book review or a rant so I shall cut to the chase; there is one noteworthy quote from his book that is worth keeping in mind with regard to his actions later on.

“We do not want a society where people starve, but other than that nothing shall be financed by the state” – Fredrik Reinfeldt

All is fair in love and war

By the year 2002 a bunch of countries had obtained the same currency so they could blame each other when things turned sour, an African dictator or two had been toppled and a group of jihadists with poor landing skills managed to wreck Islam’s reputation in a single day.

Meanwhile in Sweden the Moderate party suffered a grueling loss in the 2002 election. This created a power vacuum allowing Reinfeldt to step into his big boy shoes as the new party leader of the Moderate Party. By American standards, I think it is safe to say, that they would be considered left of the Democrats but in Sweden they are regarded as the bourgeoisie party. This can be explained by Sweden’s recurring flirts with their inconsistent and disappointing lover; Socialism. Reinfeldt was no fool and realized that Swedes have a tendency to lean to the left and he knew that he needed to counter-act the ingrained belief that his party only cater to the rich and wealthy.

3 years passed and in 2005 he rebranded his party and the fresh “New Moderates” emerged with a red coating. They marketed themselves successfully to the traditionally Socialist voter and formed a coalition with 3 other liberal parties.

  • The New Moderates, Peoples Party, Christian Democrats and the Centre Party formed a coalition known as: The Alliance
  • The Opposition was led by the Social(ist)-Democrats, Communist Party and the Environmental Party. I shall refer to them as: The Axis
  • The Sweden Democrats are the loners. They are pariah, anti-immigration and are the one group you can hate openly in Sweden without being punished. I shall refer to them as: The Populists

In the subsequent election of 2006 the Alliance steamrolled over the Marxist opposition and the Moderates experienced their most successful election since 1928. They got off to a rough start with certain ministers under fire and…

…the 2008 financial crisis, which wrecked havoc in Europe and abroad. Anders Borg and his lackeys in the government decided that austerity measures were the way to go and two years later Sweden appeared to be doing better than the rest of the world. Due to the pattern-seeking nature of humans, journalists saw cause and effect between the measures instated by Anders Borg, the Swedish Central Bank and Sweden’s economic recovery.

In 2010 the Alliance used their success during the financial crisis to win the election once more unfortunately the victory was not as great for Swedes were starting to get fed up with the cracks that were starting to show in the “Humanitarian Superpower”.

  • Why did a politician in Reinfeldts party argue that Sweden could experience civil war in the next 20 years?
  • What are Reinfeldts motives and what is a “humanitarian superpower”?

Part 2 – Coming Soon

A wise man once said:

Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely

Lord Acton (1834-1902)


New PC Head of Police

The new “unbiased” head of police; read it and weep.


The rapid downfall of the Swedish police force combined with the emergence of clan-controlled no-go zones should come as news to few, except of course the Swedes who still rely on Swedish mainstream media.

As the Landskrona incident clearly showed, some thugs are losing respect for the police to the point where they openly attack officers — and when the police commander doesn’t dare send in reinforcements to back them up, it’s safe to say the situation is pretty bad.

Thus, expectations were high when there was a major restructuring of the police authority announced. Just what we needed; a tougher, more agile law enforcement apparatus to combat the new kind of crime flooding the streets every day!

Well, looks like joke’s on the Swedish taxpayer. Earlier this year it was announced that the Stockholm Police Academy will move to the infamous Södertörns Högskola, where the focus will be…

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Demosthenes Thinks Critically: Why “Anti-Discrimination” Can Cause Racism

Very interesting article. Would never gain recognition in the insane asylum, formerly known as; Sweden. Let us hope the comatose population wakes up.

Only time will tell.

Demosthenes and Learning to Think Critically

In 1960, African-Americans had to ride in the back of the bus…by law. They had separate drinking fountains, restrooms, and even schools. “Separate, but equal”. They encountered discrimination when voting, securing apartments, homes, jobs, even in basic safety for the family and much more.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 made such unequal practices unlawful, ensuring that discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin would no longer be tolerated in the workplace and public facilities.

So now, African-Americans and all minorities for that matter, are protected under these laws. They are HIGHLY protected. In fact, now there exists reverse-racism, and some of the laws that protected them are now hurting them, and even hurting non-minorities.

Reverse-racism: when the protection of a minority discriminates against a non-minority

(This is really just racism, but in the reverse direction historically seen.)

Case in point: (these are generalizations, and maybe even…

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Sweden Democrats; Brutal Neo-Nazis or Misunderstood Puppy Lovers?

In 2010 one of my mentors, a Swedish-Cuban man, warned me that the collective bullying of the nationalist Sweden Democrats would lead to their rise to power. So far his observations have been correct.

Who are the Sweden Democrats (SD)?

The one political party that is on the tip of every Swedes tongue. In 15 odd days they will be the ones to make or break the weakest minority government that Sweden has ever had. The decision the Sweden Democrats make will come to influence the country forever. The historic event that I deem likely and necessary is forcing the current “government” to resign. Sweden will then experience it’s second re-election in history which has not occured since 1958. Will turmoil erupt in the Swedish stock market or has this been predicted long in advance by international investors?

Their dirty little secret…

The Sweden Democrats were founded in 1988 and have their roots in fascist and white supremacist groups such as the “Swedish Progress Party” and “Keep Sweden Swedish”. Despite this the SD have never actually been a Nazi Party but some of its members have held Nazi sentiments. That is an important distinction.

This ghostly past is constantly lurking in the background whenever mainstream politicians debate against them. The norm for politicians is to bully them and use the past as a stick to beat them. This has, nonetheless, led to a normalisation process where people now end up not paying any note to past nor present SD scandals. I believe this is because people can become normalised to anything.

The mainstream parties and media have attempted to label the SD as pariah. Ostracising them has, however, led to the ironic consequence of playing into their hands. Morgan Johansson is a clear-cut case of a so-called “useful idiot doing just that. The SD are more than willing to accomodate the support that the Morgans of the Swedish political arena and media unknowingly muster up for them.

The rise to power

2.93% – 2006

5.7% – 2010

12.86% – 2014

Brutal neo-nazis or misunderstood puppy lovers?

117851614_b123a68df4_oOf the more amusing blunders attributed to them was two of their politicians recent proposal, on the 11th of November, regarding a doggy day care. The politicians in question; Hanna Wigh and Cassandra Sundin had a puppy crisis on their hands and deemed it wise to propose legislation whereas Swedish taxpayers would foot the bill for their parliamentarian puppy palace.

Whilst Sweden’s migration department is on the verge of collapse, the country’s inflated housing prices continue to grow and Japanese style-deflation has found a new home, 13% of Swedish voters might find SD to be less competent then they so firmly believe.

Is there anyone who can save this sinking, multicultural, ship?